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Nowadays, there are lots of innovations along our way, and among such innovations is the latest search engine optimization software that had been made in order to make every work of internet marketer easier to work at. We all know that in search engine optimization, there is lots of software that you can be able to use. Each SEO tool was purposely made in order to address the needs of those people who engage in search engine optimizing. Nowadays, there are lots of SEO software and it is important that you are be able to choose for the best software in order to gain the best benefits from it as well. Among the best software that you can choose to employ is the SEO Powersuite. It is among the comprehensive SEO software suite that you can use for the various processes which is relevant with search engine optimization.

Aside from these things, it will also go beyond what SEO can do. When you are handling those repetitive tasks which pertain to search engine optimization, then you can always use this kind of software and make your work faster and easier. You can have the chance of making tasks to be done easily since it is fully automated and will also give you the best technique for search engine marketing. This software will also help you in finding the most effective keyword that you can use in your internet marketing business. It has the ability to perform keyword popularity and competition, and which is already a great help for you. It can even gave you those information which are about the broken links, erroneous displayed graphics and a lot more which is related with search engine optimization. Among its features are the optimization advice, search engine submitter, keyword density analysis, and even the ranking checker. The other type of Free SEO Software is the SEO Powersuite.

This is also among the software which most of the internet marketer would prefer to use. It can help you create those multiple link pages if you wanted to undergo those exchanging links, or if you wanted to submit an article to any submission directories. It has also the feature of analyzing the keyword density of the target keywords of your website. If you are looking for the best software where you can have the best article marketing tasks easier, and then consider SEO Powersuite as the best solution. You can also use the Traffic Travis since it is also a great help in order to monitor the latest rank of your website on the various search engines. This kind of software will also help you in providing you with the historical data analysis that is best used for your site and for the competitor site tracking. However, with all these SEO software, hailed the best software that you best use for your various SEO tasks, and it is the IBP or the Internet Business Promoter.

It is the software which is being considered as the multi-award winning website promoter software, since it has those best features that you can only find in this tool. This will help you in achieving high search engine ranking in the soonest possible time, and this will also give you with its up-to-date data and which will help you to optimize your page more effectively. It will for sure give you the best benefits, since it has those various features which will for sure help you in making a successful search engine optimization.



WordPress website stop working after adding a plugin

Word Press Website Stop Working After Adding or updating a Plugin

WordPress Websites are all based on the plugins, you can simply add the functionality of your choice by simply adding a plugin. One of the main reason of  the success of  wordpress is the functionality of easily adding and removing the plugin.

Website stop working after adding a plugin

If you have added a plugin and your website has stop working then don’t be panic it happens  !

Simple follow these simple steps to make your website again working like before

  1. If your have added a new plugin and you are facing the fatal error  go back to the plugin’s page and deactivate the plugin you have recently added



<–   Go back to the plugin page and deactivate the plugin you have recently added


After deactivating the plugin your website will working perfectly , delete the plugin due to which this error occurred and add any other plugin


2  If you have added the plugin and you saw the blank white death screen like the screen below

If you saw the white screen with fatal error after activating the new plugin then try to go back to the plugins page by pressing the back button on the browser if it works and you can go back to the plugins page then deactivate the plugin you have recently added and your website will be start working like before.


But if does not work then you have to go to the your  C-panel and have to follow the following steps

  • Go to the C-Panel of your website
  • Click the File Manager
  • Go to the Web Root Directory
  • Go to wp-content folder
  • Go to Plugins folder in wp-content
  • Then Delete the last plugin you have added due to which your website stop working and your website will be again working like before

What to do if website stop working after updating the plugins ?

If your website was working fine and after updating the plugin your website shows fatal error and goes to the white death screen or your website start behaving abnormally then it’s due to  updating your plugin

  • If you have updated a single plugin at a time and you know which plugin you have updated  then deactivate that  plugin and test your website if it is working fine then delete that plugin and install any other plugin with that functionality if you need it.
  • If you have updated all of the plugin at once then you wouldn’t know which plugin is making the problem . Then you should deactivate all the plugins and activate the plugin one by one and test your site after activating the each plugin , when you find the plugin which was creating the error deactivate it , and delete that plugin and keep on testing until you have done with all the plugins

What if you don’t have access to you WordPress admin dashboard after updating your plugins

Again if you have updated the single plugin you will know which plugin you have updated go to your C panel (following the steps given above)  and delete the plugin you have updated


If you have updated the multiple plugins then go to the plugins folder from the File Manager in C panel(following the steps given above)

  • Rename the plugins folder to error-plugin now all the plugins will be deactivated because WordPress will not recognise this folder
  • Create a new Plugin Folder named plugins
  • Add plugin one by one in this folder by moving the plugin form (error-plugin) folder to plugin folder
  • Test the site after moving each plugin and like this you will activate each plugin one by one and you will find the plugin which was creating error
  • Delete that plugin and your website will be again working fine

What If still the Problem lies ?

If still the problem remains then the problem might we with your theme , then switch to any other theme and test if your website works fine with any other theme then the problem lies within your theme

Why this problem occurs ?

This problem usually occurs when plugins conflicts with each other , adding a plugin is like adding some piece of code in your website so some time it dose not  match with each other and your website stop working or work abnormally or some time shows the fatal error


When adding a new plugin

When adding a new plugin add those plugins which are compatible with your website don’t install those plugins which are not compatable


Our Website Development Process

Website development is not as simple its a complete life cycle , it starts from the requirement analysis and after analysing the requirement’s it goes for the designing and after  designing an user-friendly design  it comes  to the  development process where developers convert them into a realistic website and then it goes in the testing phase where each component is tested properly and after the whole process the website goes live