WordPress website development training course

Learn WordPress website development from professionals , Our Basic WordPress website development course is designed to teach you how to create a responsive and elegant website without prior knowledge of coding.WordPress is an online open source content management system (CMS)  which is used to create websites and blogs , it is probably the most easiest and the powerful  website content management system for beginners. It is trusted by  nearly 75 million websites , it powers the 25% websites on the internet . So that’s why there is lot of  scope of WordPress in the future and WordPress developers are always in demand . After our WordPress website development course you can easily start your carrier  as a Freelancer and can earn from your home , or you can choose  web development as your profession. Learn this course from Professionals who are working in this field and can teach you how  WordPress   is used in market .In this course you will learn practically how to develop a website from beginning  and at the end of the course you will be able to make your own professional website from scratch

  • After taking this course you will be able to start. blogging , create your blog and start earning through google AdSense.
  • You can create your own business website and reach more people by your online presence.
  • You can create your own online store (E-commerce) and start earning
  • You can start your career as a WordPress Freelancer


Course Duration :  1.5 month

Course Fee : Rs 12000

Venu : 71-F Main Boulevard Gulberg  Lahore ( Next to Siddique Trade Center)

Class Timings :  Evening 6:00 – 7:30


Introduction to course

Basic concept about

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Websites
  • Types of Websites
  • Blogging

Introduction to WordPress

  • What is WordPress ?
  • Why WordPress ?
  • From where to get WordPress
  • About WordPress.org

Environment Setup

  • Installation of Xampp
  • Installation of WordPress on local machine
  • Installation of WordPress on web
  • Manually installation of WordPress on web

Getting Started

  • Overview of dashboard
  • Overview of Post
  • Overview of Page
  • Overview of Comments
  • Overview of Sidebars

Pages and Posts

  • Creating a Page
  • Creating a Post
  • Forms in WordPress
  • Meta-tags and SEO


  • What are plugins?
  • Plugin Folder & File
  • Finding plugins
  • Plugin search
  • Installing plugins – ways & techniques


  • What is Menu
  • Adding pages to Menu
  • Adding custom links to Menu
  • Primary vs Secondary Menu


  • What is theme ?
  • Theme Folder
  • Finding a theme
  • Installing a theme


  • What are widgets ?
  • Adding Widgets

Header and Footer

  • About header and footer
  • Adding content in footer


  • Working with sliders


  • Adding users
  • Deleting users
  • Users Roles
  • Users Roles Management


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Media


  • Finding and removing errors
  • Techniques for removing errors


  • Migrating Site from local server to online
  • Migrating from one server to another


  • Taking backup of the whole site
  • Restoring the site in case of data loss


  • How to update a plugin?
  • How to update a theme?
  • How to update WordPress ?
  • Business Website
  • E-commerce Website
  • Professional Blog
  • Domain
  • C panel Hosting
  • Paid theme